Mad Warrior Revolution 2016

Mad Warrior Revolution 2016 Challenge 16 October 2016 at Morib Goald Coast Resort, Banting Selangor | 8km & 25 obstacles

This is my first ever Obstacles Course Challenge and my first time ever joining this type of activities. Normally they join running, cycling before they start up with obstacles course. But for me, i started with obstacles challenges. Now i’m 33 years old and i bet its not too late to join this type of activities. To get a better lifestyles, healthier and happiness. Why not ?

I signup web registration on 8 August 2016. As i remember, it only take 2 months to train. I didn’t have any experience before so i need to make some research, google and sometime asked my friend’s their experiences.

Since that i begin my workout. Start up my routine with cardio and weight lifting. Really hard to start, you know. It take a few weeks to me to complete 3-5 km run. Until the challenge day.

Race day !

As 6 am in the morning i manage myself arrive at the location area. Wow too excited i guess. Maybe too nervous because it was my first time. I afraid i will late to reach there.

But is’t okay to reach early, so i can prepare myself and register early before the crowd arrive. The crowd divided into more than 10 waves. I manage to start at 9.15 am.

First obstacles

Crawling at the beach

Credit Photo to MAD WARRIORS.



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